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Budapest Hotel Beatrix Boarding House


The rooms of Hotel Beatrix Boarding House can meet all expectations. The rooms are comfortable with a bathroom, telephone, internet (wi-fi) access and a room safe and guarantee perfect relaxation for guests visiting Budapest.

We recommend our apartments for families with little children or for those who wish to spend a longer period of time in Budapest. We would like to give freedom to every guest of ours similar to what they can enjoy at home and to provide real comfort with our services.

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dr. Makó Ádám

Webpage: – snore prevention |


  • since 2000 Fõvárosi Szent Imre Kórház (St. Imre Municipal Hospital) Ear- Nose- and Mouth
  • since 2005 Kapás utcai (Kapás Street) Polyclinic


  • in 2000 at Semmelweis University Budapest, Faculty of Medicine, summa cum laude

Specialist examinations:

  • 2006 Ear- nose and throat specialist
  • 2008 Audologist
  • Ph. D thesis written on the scope of application of modern pharmacological carrier systems

Specialist at:

  • Snore prevention using radiofrequency methods, Ear- nose-throat